My Story

My professional journey took a notable turn when, at the age of 29, I decided to step down as one of the youngest Vice Presidents at Home Depot. Eager to share my wealth of knowledge, I transitioned into academia, becoming a college professor specializing in personal branding and social media marketing. This experience honed my ability to guide others in discovering and articulating their authentic selves in the digital realm.

One of the defining chapters in my career was the decision to leave a successful college teaching position to pursue full-time entrepreneurship. This bold move was driven by my vision to establish Social Proxy, a cutting-edge branding company dedicated to elevating individuals and businesses through innovative digital storytelling. Departing from the traditional confines of academia allowed me to channel my passion for storytelling and strategic branding into a dynamic venture that fosters authenticity and connection in the digital landscape.

My expertise lies in capturing your unique “flow”—your most authentic and passionate energy—and translating it into captivating videos, posts, and images that convey a consistent, positive, and inspiring message about who you are. Behind the scenes, I immerse myself in understanding your voice, strategically sharing it with the world through a powerful personal brand. As a result, my distinctive approach not only ignites brand awareness but also fosters a genuine and inspiring community of like-minded individuals. In a world where originality and authenticity are paramount, my goal is to help you reach your marketing objectives while staying true to yourself.

Content is King, but consistency is Queen- with the Jester doing command performances