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Comedian. Professor. Speaker.

A Professor's journey to innovate higher education through comedy and engaged learning.

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I believe the quickest way to common ground for people is laughter. I am grateful that people laugh when I deliver comedy through speaking engagements, blogs, sketch videos, and interviews. After stepping down as one of the youngest Vice Presidents for Home Depot at age 29, I became a college professor teaching personal branding and social media marketing. At Forbes Business School and Robert Morris University my classes get as much hands-on experience and insider information as I can provide them.

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My “why” is to make 

people laugh.

Outside the classroom, I am an entertainer. My 100,000+ followers have come to expect anything from memes to cinematic sketches. I am also working with Gotham House Productions to create a comedy show about the messy life of a mom.


I am known for actively encouraging engagement.

As an educator, I bridge the gap between the professional working world and education. I believe in using digital media to effect positive changes in higher education.

I teach Personal Branding, Social Media Marketing as well as other business courses. My goal as a teacher is to help students learn how to build their professional brands, develop long term career strategies, and manage relationships offline and online.

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Motivate. Inspire. Train. Entertain.
I am a captivating speaker who sparks and entertains an audience through comedy. In addition to bringing my academic approach, I inspire an audience to thrive professionally and personally. 


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Student Stories (5 out 5)

Student Stories (5 out 5) Distance Learning or Online education In my online class, I had a student who was impacted by a national disaster. Online learning relies heavily on technology and if students are not able to get online it is impossible to complete assignments. Here is one student’s story.

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How effective is your Elevator Pitch?

How effective is your Elevator Pitch?Your elevator pitch is an important part of introducing yourself and highlighting your unique value.

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[Insert quippy description here]

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Ever feel like you don’t have enough time to make a beautiful pinterest worth snack? Well you’re right. You don’t. Give up.

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Discovering 90s Tech!!

Today I introduced my kid, Sasha, to some of the technology we had in the 90s!

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What INCREDIBLES 2 is Missing!!

As a mom, I couldn’t help but notice something MAJOR missing in the trailer! Hope they put it in the movie

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Time to go Josie? In a second… I am going to start counting. 5-4-3-2-1. Sometimes, you just gotta let ’em know you mean business! Sometimes it works, sometimes… not so much. Have your kids ever given the runaround and you had to do a countdown? My name is Audrey Boyle and as a mom, I am constantly having to start counting to get my kids to listen to me. How to countdown so that your kids listen to you and you feel like you are engaging in good parenting. ThisSEE DETAILS

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7 Dance Moves for Moms

Who loves to dance Moms? I do! I got 7 dancing that I think will make you LOL…or maybe smile…or at least watch and relate to the crazy mom dancing like a crazy person. Whatever is your jam come dance with me. Mom Dancing.Audrey Boyle Youtube video with mom funny videos about mom life.

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Personal Branding: Identify your personal brand & create it on social media

We all have a personal brand whether we realize it or not. Your personal brand is how people think of you and the emotion they feel when they hear your brand name. Since people make decisions based on their emotions it’s important to shape your personal brand into what you want to be “known for”. But how do you go about identifying and creating your personal brand? Come join us as our personal branding expert Audrey Boyle will talk about how to identify your personal brand and create it onSEE DETAILS

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Panel Discussion with FWD Collective in Indianapolis!

Panel Discussion with FWD Collective in Indianapolis! Fwd Collective is a professional conference that features women and diverse individuals for the experts that we are not the boxes we check. It was awesome to be in a panel discussion with these amazing women about branding and social media marketing.

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