Laugh, Learn, Level Up

One woman’s journey to weave creativity, comedy & engaged learning into corporate America & the beyond.

Hello, I’m Audrey Boyle—a seasoned C-Suite Consultant, Creative Director, Digital Strategist, and Storyteller with a deep passion for harnessing the transformative power of storytelling to build meaningful connections. Over the past decade, I’ve successfully cultivated a social media following of over 100,000 individuals by crafting compelling narratives across various platforms, including videos, speaking engagements, blogs, sketch videos, interviews, and graphics.

At Social Proxy, we ignite creativity and supercharge your reach and revenue. We’re not just about ideas; we’re about sparking a wildfire of innovation that fuels your brand’s success. In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, a powerful online presence isn’t just important; it’s the key to thriving, and we’re here to make it happen effortlessly.

“Live in the leading- the spaces in between the rules”

-Stefan Mumaw

Catch some of my dope camera days

Marium Huss

I highly recommend Audrey Boyle as a speaker. She was a moderator at an annual event of the French American Chamber of Commerce in Spring 2019 on the topic of Personal Branding and she did a fabulous job.

She was able to facilitate the discussion of 3 panelists with a touch of humor and was very knowledgeable.

Merci Audrey!

Robert Tenuta

The energy, engagement and knowledge that Audrey brings to her students is incredible. Her teaching style represents the material she presents – she knows her audience and targets to get the very best in her students with a positive edge and a conduit of the dynamic marketplace. Audrey models the networking strategies that she expects from her students, welcoming, acknowledging and supporting their career journeys to aid in their success!

Ashley Quinto Powell

I’ve had Audrey help me with my content creation and social presence for about a year now. It has been an absolute gamechanger. I can contribute the largest of my successes to simply taking her advice. Since I started working with her, I am regularly complimented on my social content, and I’m able to connect with my potential clients and keep them engaged. I would recommend Audrey as a content creation specialist to anyone considering it

Work With Audrey

C-Suite Consulting

My executive digital media agency, Social Proxy, tells compelling stories for our clients.

Connect with How Men Cry

How Men Cry is a collective seeking to change the narrative around men’s mental health by sharing honest stories in safe spaces. Wherever men are on their journey, they are welcome with everything they carry.

Speaking/Workshops – Creative Performance

The partnership between inspiration and execution is at the core of my approach. I believe in enabling individuals to unlock their full creative potential, understanding that the creative process is a journey of self-discovery and continuous growth. Whether on stage, canvas, or boardroom, creative performance is an ever-evolving exploration of human expression, pushing the boundaries of what is possible. Together, we can navigate this journey, allowing your creative endeavors to flourish and leave a lasting impact.