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College Professor, Comedian, Past Speaking Gigs
Several years ago, a friend of mine that was flourishing in her job told me she was quitting and moving on because it was “Not Fun” to work there. My Generation X brain exploded..I asked myself “How dare she make “Lack of Fun” criteria for a job? I kept thinking this the entire time I was getting ready to go lecture a class. At the time, I was getting recognized as a Comedian and as Professor but it was very separate parts of my life. As I was giving the lecture that day, a student had that had seen some of my videos asked me to play one for the class. BAM!! A light went off in my head and I understood what my friend was talking about. I did some research and found that after you hear optimistic humor you are more likely to be collaborative, creative and productive. I realized that if I brought my whole self (Comedy + Education) to the classroom students are more likely to remember what I am teaching them.

**I define workplace with anytime you are breathing and not sleeping.