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Entrepreneurs and Side Hustlers! What would you have liked to learn in school before beginning your journey? I was on a panel with several amazing entrepreneurs talking to educators at the National Summit for INCubatoredu, Uncharted Learning, NFP. Uncharted Learning supports schools in offering authentic, rigorous entrepreneurial programs to elementary, middle and high school students. Margarita Geleske as the moderator did a fantastic job guiding the conversation highlighting many “aha’ moments. Amor Montes De Oca talked about ways to “Teach Hustle” Peter A. James, PhD, MBA talked about failure is just experimenting. Tim Tyrrell talked about, “If you aren’t passionate about your work do something else.” Adam Berk said, “Fall in love with the problem, not the solution”. James McKenzietalked about his experience of being open and fluid in the digital world we live in. Moe Mitchell, a young entrepreneur to watch continue to greatness. Every time I go and speak at events, I am inspired by the speakers just as much as the audience. What advice would you give your younger self before becoming an entrepreneur?

Peter Hostrawser a business educator I respect so much.

College Professor, Comedian, Past Speaking Gigs
Several years ago, a friend of mine that was flourishing in her job told me she was quitting and moving on because it was “Not Fun” to work there. My Generation X brain exploded..I asked myself “How dare she make “Lack of Fun” criteria for a job? I kept thinking this the entire time I was getting ready to go lecture a class. At the time, I was getting recognized as a Comedian and as Professor but it was very separate parts of my life. As I was giving the lecture that day, a student had that had seen some of my videos asked me to play one for the class. BAM!! A light went off in my head and I understood what my friend was talking about. I did some research and found that after you hear optimistic humor you are more likely to be collaborative, creative and productive. I realized that if I brought my whole self (Comedy + Education) to the classroom students are more likely to remember what I am teaching them.

**I define workplace with anytime you are breathing and not sleeping.